Indium Solder Paste, Solder Wire, Fluxes, Solder Preforms & Solder Bars for SMT Assembly.

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Take this opportunity to try our Indium® 6.6HF Type 4 SN63/PB37 Water-Soluble Solder Paste. (89.5%).

One of Indium® Corporation’s preferred
pastes, 6.6HF Indalloy #106 is an
excellent paste for air and nitrogen reflow with an exceptional reflow process window. This paste provides exceptional stencil printing performance with long stencil life and excellent response-to-pause.

This paste exhibits superior wetting to a variety of surface finishes and exhibits the best voiding performance, with
fewest voids, reduced size of largest voids, and overall minimized voiding for:
BGAs, CSPs and BTCs (QFNs, DPAKs, LGAs, etc.)


We stock and distribute Indium Solder Paste, Soldering Wire, Soldering Preforms, Flux pens, Liquid Flux, Tacky Flux, and Solder Bars manufactured by Indium Corporation in the USA.  In Stock, Fresh and Ready to Ship!

In addition to soldering products in No Clean, Water Based and Rosin Based Chemistries by Indium Corp., we also offer an array of complimentary products for your soldering and SMT requirements. Squeegee Blades and Holders for SMT Printers, Dry Boxes for MSD Storage, Tip Tinners, Fluid Dispensing Kits and accessories, High Temperature Oil for Reflow Oven chain lubrication, Lead Extenders, Double Sided Splice Tape, Replacement Wave Solder Fingers, Replacement Edge Belt Conveyors and ESD Lab Coats are just some of the items we have available for you.

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