5MP Mighty Scope
Microscope & Polarizer


The 5 Mega Pixel Mighty Scope features 10x-50x optical zoom and up to 200x digital Zoom. It includes imaging software for image capture, annotation, measurement, freeze frame, and compare mode. Built in Polarizer reduces glare, hot spots and enhances contrast. Plug & play USB interface.

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5MP Mighty Scope | USB Digital Microscope with Polarizer


  • 10x-50x Optical Zoom and up to 200x Digital Zoom
  • Imaging Software included for Image Capture, Annotation and Measurement, Freeze Frame, and Compare Mode
  • Plug & Play USB Interface
  • 6 energy efficient white adjustable LED lights
  • Built-in Snapshot Button, Light Adjustment Knob, Focus Wheel, Metal Stand
  • Large Working Distance
  • View your inspection on your monitor
  • Reduce eye strain and neck fatigue